who we are

We are an organically formed group of people who currently reside in Southern Vermont and Western Massachusetts who cannot sit idly by while crimes are being carried out in Gaza by the state of Israel with the backing of the U.S. government.

We are a proud member of the Vermont Coalition for Palestinian Liberation.

 We are citizens, we are workers, we are parents, we are artists, we are teachers, we are students, we are volunteers, and we are human beings who believe firmly that Palestine will be free. 

our tenets 

1. We understand that the source of ongoing conflict in Israel/Palestine is the Nakba, the Israeli theft and occupation of Palestinian land, and the denial of Palestinians’ human rights.

2. We are committed to following the leadership of Palestinians in this struggle for liberation.

3. We acknowledge that Palestinians, like all those who seek freedom, have the right to resist their oppression and occupation.

4. We believe that the only meaningful path toward the cessation of violence and the resolution of this decades-long conflict must include an immediate ceasefire and end to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land and people.

5. We call for an end to U.S. funding of Israel. This funding makes U.S. taxpayers and the U.S. government partners in genocide and apartheid and direct partners in Israel’s settler colonial project.

6. We call for freedom, justice, equality, sovereignty, and democracy for all people in the region between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

what we do

We unite with and amplify local, national, and international calls to act.

We respond to continued atrocities being perpetrated in Gaza with resistance, whether it be in the form of a march, rally, teach-in, vigil, or direct action.

We organize skills-based trainings such as de-escalation and emergency medical.